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Elliott J. Marshall has been writing music for 20 years and in that time has run the gamut of  genres from Rock, Country, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Latin, Big Band, Electronic and Orchestral music.  He has a passion for music and brings that into every project.  Since focusing on film scoring in 2010 he has composed music for several films, animations and radio shows. His music has appeared as part of films in festivals around North America, including tiff(Toronto International Film Festival), as part of an award winning animation at GloveBox, the Northwest Animation Festival and Linoleum in Moscow.

 “Through the whole process Elliott was incredibly accommodating and hard working. He has a natural creativity and excellent musical skills that are evident by his work. He was able to reach the desired result in good time and with little guidance. Elliott was also reliable, personable and a pleasure to work with.” –Yuliya Boublikova Animator/Director of Icaria 

Why have original music written for your film, animation or video game?

When original music is added to a game or film it becomes unique.  If stock music is used then there may be a concern, or worry, that the stock music used in your film has been used by someone else for their project.  As well as having original music, there is a collaboration between the director/filmmaker and the composer.  As a creator of games or as a filmmaker, there are ideas and concepts that you may not be able to properly portray through images alone or instances where you feel something is missing but are unable to pinpoint.  Music may be that missing element.

Music in Film and Games

Music is an art form that is virtually everywhere.  Throughout a normal day you may have the radio on as soon as you wake up and hear music in various places until the time you go to bed.  You’ll hear it on your favourite station, at work, in video games, commercials as well as part of the movies and TV shows you watch.  If you think back on pivotal moments of our life from the first kiss, to our first break ups.  Most would say that music was there.  Music is emotional and creators of film, animation and games include it in their works for this reason.  It accentuates and sends an emotional message to the audience.  Could you imagine Indiana Jones or Jaws without their theme?  Suspense, thrill, joy, anger, lust, longing, victory and much more can be instantly recognized when music accompanies a scene.

The Process

Contact Elliott at for details on what would be involved in creating music for your film or animation.