Orquidea Del Amor

On a brisk fall morning I thought I would write my own version of “end credit” music.   When the credits roll at the end of a film there is music that may highlight some of the musical themes that were heard throughout the movie.  For there to be end credits to write music for, […]

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Mr. Scott Mawhiney once again asked if I would write music for an animation that he had done.  This was a little different than Exit Strategy in that it was rooted in surrealism.  Scott gave me a run down of what it was about and the symbolism involved in the piece.  When I watch it […]

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Animation Block Party

The tenth annual Animation Block Party is going to be held on July 25-28 2013.   Slothfulness by John McGowan has been selected to appear in this festival. This is exciting news!  Animation Block Party is one of the best animation festivals in the United States. Slothfulness is going to appear as part of the […]

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Owl Salad

Avast ye matey!  I present to you Owl Salad, a comedic radio show.  I was asked to create a backing track based on the song ‘Shiver My Timbers’ from the Muppet Treasure Island movie written by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil.  This musical number would appear in one of the Owl Salad episodes and I can’t think […]

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Exit Strategy

In early 2011, I composed music for an animation called Exit Strategy.  It’s about a man’s journey through the afterlife.  The animator is Scott Mawhiney and since then I’ve written music for another animation by Scott called Fleeting.  Stay tuned for an update on that one! Here are a few of the tracks from Exit […]

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In the spring of 2012 I was contacted by John McGowan, a very talented animator.   He asked me to compose music for his animated short Slothfulness.  It’s a story about a young sloth who wants to fly more than anything in the world.   Here’s a clip! Slothfulness appeared as part of the 2012 […]

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Status Update

Update: This spring/summer has been a busy one.  Most of what’s been happening has been in my personal life.  Just moved to a new house and doing some small renovations, my first child will be born any day now and, of course, work work work! Soon you will see a snippet of an animation I […]

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